CEP 812: Wicked Problem Project – Rethinking Teaching

In my CEP 812 course on Applying Educational Technology to Practice, my group members Alissa Arden, Lindsay Earnest, and I addressed the topic of “Rethinking Teaching” for our Wicked Problem Project.  Specifically, we focused on how educators can build intrinsic motivation in students.

To achieve this, as a group, we decided to utilize Project-Based Learning (PBL) as a method to “hook” students on what they are learning.  With the use of PBL, students are allowed the opportunity to share ideas with others and work collaboratively and independently.  In addition, as an assessment of what students learned, we added a technology component.  Students would use a blog (Kidblog, WordPress), classroom website (Weebly, Squarespace), or some form of social media outlet (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) to publish their work.

With the use of PBL and the technology component, we felt that students would build intrinsic motivation to learn.  Students would take ownership and pride in what they were creating and want to do a good job because others would be able to see it online.  Although a student may not be especially interested in a particular topic being taught in class, at least this way the student can express their thinking and learning in a way they choose.

Please check out our Wicked Problem Project curation about Rethinking Teaching to Inspire Intrinsic Motivation.


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