Attention Deficit Hyperactivty Disorder

This week for CEP 812, we were asked how we can use technologies to support students’ special learning needs.  One of our objectives was to write about one technology that could support student learning and provide justifications for our thinking based on research we conducted.

The special learning need I chose was Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  I researched four peer-reviewed journal articles and wrote about the causes of ADHD, the treatments, ideas and suggestions for learning and instruction in the classroom with ADHD students, and technology that can help students with ADHD learn.

The technology I identified was WiggleWorks by Scholastic.  WiggleWorks is a great interactive digital tool that can help ADHD students hear books read aloud by professional narrators, practice, record, and listen to their own reading, write and draw their own responses to a story, create their own personalized books, and explore words and review phonics in a magnet board activity.

You can view a screencast explaining all of what WiggleWorks has to offer here:

The link to my paper on ADHD and more about WiggleWorks can be found here:



One response to “Attention Deficit Hyperactivty Disorder

  1. I enjoyed your blog and your white paper. I like that you introduced WiggleWorks, as I think that it looks like a fantastic tool to help struggling students. It’s great that students have the ability to listen to books, as well as record themselves and write responses. It seems like a tool that would be very useful for all students, but especially those with learning or attention difficulties. I have not heard of that software before, and I’m especially interested in the connection between technology and literacy, so thanks for the informative screencast!

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