Final Blog Reflection

As we wrap up CEP 810, I want to reflect on several things I learned throughout this course.  I learned about the process of learning, understanding, and conceptual change.  Students come into the classroom with a broad range of prior experiences and conceptions of the world.  It is a teacher’s obligation to get to know their students and access these preconceptions.  Technology can definitely aid in helping students learn what they need to know, correct prior misconceptions, and come to an understanding of what is being taught in the classroom.  The Cooking with TPACK activity and the Networked Learning Project reaffirm this point.  These assignments showed me that the best way to learn is to “roll up the sleeves” and get out there and try new things.  Through experience and challenging your abilities, you can discover new talents and learn a tremendous amount about yourself and what you can accomplish.  From these lessons, without a doubt, I will encourage my students to test their abilities, indulge their curiosities, and never stop discovering new things.

A big reason why I chose to pursue a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology at MSU is because I would definitely like to incorporate technology more into my teaching.  Our 21st Century Lesson Plan gave me a great place to start, and I definitely feel more comfortable with using different technologies in the classroom.  Using YouTube and Twitter, in particular, can provide several opportunities for students to learn using technology.  As long as student activity is being monitored for appropriateness, students can learn new things from YouTube videos out there and learn from each other by communicating via Twitter.  Since these two resources are already popular among young students, this can also help with engaging students and getting them to “buy in” to what is happening in the classroom.  Overall, we have learned about several technologies that can be used in the classroom, but teachers must also be brave and willing to try new things instead of just simply always sticking to the “traditional” approach.

In all, the multitude of technologies out there are great, but it can be overwhelming to think about.  As a teacher, I wonder, “Where do I even begin?”  I guess the best way to answer this question is to try out all of these resources (which I already have a good jump start on) and figure out which ones would be most applicable in the classroom.  Also, getting to know your students is important to figuring out which technologies would adhere to their needs.

I am very excited about continuing my education with the MAET program, and CEP 810 has given me a great foundation in which to build upon.  I greatly look forward to using and trying out new technologies to see how they can be applied best in the classroom. 



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