Final Networked Learning Project Video & Blog Post

This video shows the results of my efforts to be a cartoonist! With only the help of YouTube and Help Forums, I learned how to draw basic cartoons, ranging from people and animals to places I know. Through this process, I learned a skill I always wanted to master. One of the more difficult things for me was figuring out how to show a progression in my comic strips. To accomplish this, I needed to show motion in the figures I was drawing, so I included lines showing motion and also reference points in the background or foreground. I also needed to learn how to tell a short story including something humorous in a limited amount of space. Comic strips and cartoons really get to the point quick, and the punch-line usually comes at the end.

In conclusion, this has been an enjoyable and fun way to learn. I will definitely continue to learn in this way, and I will encourage my students to learn in this way as well. I will encourage my students to learn by exploring, testing their limits, and trying new things. I will encourage my students to remain curious and test their preconceptions of different things. It truly is amazing the things you can accomplish if you put your guard down and are willing to try new things!

Sorry for how long the video is!  Drawing takes time!


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