Networked Learning Project Part 3

Lately, I have been working on drawing my cartoons with motion.  To be a cartoonist, one cannot just simply draw still pictures.  The figures or images must be talking, running, jumping, etc.  The following YouTube video has helped me with putting motion into my drawings:

Through learning my new skill of drawing awesome cartoons, I have encountered some struggles.  First, I have had a hard time drawing certain animals.  I feel I have come a long way with drawing people, but drawing animals has proven to be difficult for me.  To practice this, I have worked on drawing my dog Moses from a still photograph of him.  Here is the photo I am using: Image

In my final Networked Learning Project blog post, I will document my progress with this.  Second, incorporating motion into my illustrations has been hard.  When writing and drawing a comic strip, for example, it is important to show a progression from the beginning to the end.  With the help of YouTube videos and reading comic strips in the newspaper, I will get better with this skill.  Drawing lines indicating motion, putting points of reference in the background or foreground of your pictures, and drawing your figures facing different ways (not just always straight ahead) will definitely help create motion in my cartoons.  In all, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of becoming a better cartoonist so far!


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