Networked Learning Project Part 2


Above, you will see my latest creation.  I have found that creating people, animals, and various objects out of an initial circle has really helped me out.  However, all of the objects in my drawings seem to be suffering from a massive weight problem, but it is a working progress, right?  Since I am currently a second grade teacher, I have gotten most of my inspiration from famous authors and illustrators such as Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants), Quentin Blake (Roald Dahl novels), Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), and many, many more.  I have learned that most of their illustrations begin with simple shapes, where the details and color come later.  The following YouTube video has probably been the most helpful to me in my efforts to become a cartoonist:

Overall, I am still very excited about becoming a better cartoonist, and I am anxious to continue to show my progress throughout.  I am also extremely excited about sharing my new-found abilities with my class, for it will undoubtedly spark interest and student engagement!



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