GTD: Getting Things Done

In the CEP 810 class I am taking at MSU, we have been learning about making our workflow more efficient.  We have examined David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (2001).  Through reading the overview of Allen’s book, I can really appreciate the importance of making a to-do list and prioritizing the items on the list.  Once this is established, action can be taken to get things done efficiently and effectively.

To help with getting things done, technology can be incredibly useful.  Out of all the resources out there to choose from, I chose Evernote to help me with managing my workflow.  Evernote is a great program to help you put everything in one place – your notes, reminders, images, and important documents.

I use Evernote mostly to store my important documents (résumé, letters of recommendation, lesson plans for school, etc.) .  You never know when your computer may crash or you will need quick access to your documents.  Evernote keeps them safe and secure.  I downloaded the Evernote app on my phone, so I have my important documents with me at all times, especially when a computer is unavailable.

The only issue I have had with Evernote is that its search engine can be slow at times.  I am not sure if it gets backed up or what, but I just close the program and reopen it and it usually starts working for me again pretty quickly.  For others out there seeking a program to organize their to-do lists, store their important documents, and manage their workflow more productively, I strongly recommend Evernote!


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